Daily Program

The rhythm of an afternoon session at SCECS OSHC services

Our afternoons are designed to cater to the needs and desires of the children in our services.  Time to play, relax, socialise and inquire into areas of interest is very important.

A typical afternoon session in Spring/Summer looks like this:

  • 3:00pm     Educators meet and greet children on the school playground
  • 3:05pm     Educator and children share a quick snack, drink and conversation about their day.  Children are invited to offer suggestions on activities they would like to pursue during the afternoon session.
  • 3:15pm    Time to complete homework/an activity of choice or continue with a project/area of inquiry from previous sessions.
  • 4:15pm     Afternoon tea
  • 4:35pm    Outdoor time – caring for the vegetable garden, playing a game with friends, involvement in an organised sports activity or just quiet time with a book under a tree.
  • 5:35pm    Move back indoors, complete earlier activities and tidy up.
  • 6:00pm     Out time together concludes for the day, as families arrive to collect their child/ren.