There are so many ways to make our children’s day fun and engaging when it’s raining outside.  At SCECS we get creative with activities that get their imagination soaring!

No matter what the child’s interests, we find the perfect way to keep them engaged and stimulated.  Sometimes, our most fun days are when we are all inside, when there are projecta, ideas and activities that get us all working closely together in collaboration.

These are some of our favourite things to do when it’s raining outside.

Cosy up for storytime

We love reading at SCECS!  Telling stories and bringing characters to life with our voices, making funny faces and actions.  Stories and storytelling shouldn’t be just a bedtime routine. We encourage our children to help us tell the stories by acting out the pictures or trying to read some of the words on their own.  The children experience each others imaginations and interpretations of the text, it’s amazing how we all see and hear things differently.

Bring out the mad scientist

Some child-friendly science experiments are an enjoyable activity,  it’s a fun, engaging and educational way to pass the time inside.  Simply using recycled items,  rocks, water, art and craft items, items from your pantry, you could create something fabulous like the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano!  There is so much curiousity and excitement that comes from uses STEAM in your play.

Some cool experients are just a click away


Listen to the sounds and let’s get musical

Although the skies can put on spectacular displays and encourage some fascinating discussions and curiosity about nature and weather, raindrops and thunder shouldn’t be the only interesting things our children hear.

At SCECS we take advantage of time indoors by experiencing music in all its glory.  Time to listen and move to beautiful music, use our voices and sing along to our favourite songs, play instruments or see what other items in the rooms can make a beat and get us moving.  We love hearing our children experiment with tone, rhythm, pitch, tempo and other elements of music.

Music is a great way to get those minds growing.  It speeds up brain development, encourages language and reading skills and helps with body and mind coordination.  Best of all…IT’S FUN!


Get busy in the kitchen

Days inside are a great time to get the children busy baking, mixing and interested in a fun sensory activity like COOKING!

Our children love to measure, knead the dough, use cookie cutters to make some fabulous shapes, tell us what silly ingredients we could add and what it would taste like and how it might look and feel.  When it comes to getting their little hands busy in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some great recipe ideas you might like to try


Have a picnic together, pull out a rug and gather around

Bring all the fun of an outdoor picnic, inside! Laying out a rug and setting up a wonderful spread of healthy food is a great way to do something a little different when it comes to meal time.

We make-believe that you’re outside and imagine what things you could hear, see and feel it you were eating outside on a sunny day.  You get to enjoy the experience, without the ants!


Get their green thumbs out

Greenery and plants are just as important inside as they are outside.  Why not create an indoor garden and use these rainy days to maintain it. Planting bright and colourful flowers, or even herbs for your kitchen, these are great discussion points about tastes and why plants exist and how they contribute to our world.

Find the artist in you

Art definitely gets those imaginations active! SCECS children love participating in art and we know it’s a wonderful way to develop and encourage self confidence, creativity and motor skills.

Here is a great puzzle you can try at home, our children love to see pictures of their family and friends and to share it with their friends, we do too, so why not bring their world into our services through art.