Sans Souci

  • St Finbar’s Catholic Primary School
    21 Broughton St, Sans Souci NSW 2219
  • To contact the OSHC directly:

    0438 082 837 (during operational hours)

  • Before school care: Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 8:45am

  • After school care: Monday – Friday: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

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Our Policies

We believe that we are founded on the person of Jesus Christ and enlivened by the gospel.

We believe that each child, family and educator is unique and valued individually. We value and honour diversity and accept and celebrate differences in other people. We believe each person and their family’s values, culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged and accepted and reflected in our OSHC environment.

We believe that secure, respectful and nurturing relationships are foundational to a child’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our educators provide opportunities for children to develop a strong sense of wellbeing and social competence, where qualities of fairness, humour, empathy and understanding are developed.

We believe play is essential in children’s lives. We believe play values the ideal of allowing children to “just be” as a right of all children. We believe play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging. Indoor and outdoor play will be part of the daily rhythm of the OSHC program.

We believe children are capable, resourceful and valued members of the community. We believe children should be encouraged and supported to follow their learning interests. Activities during service hours will be matched to children’s interests, providing meaningful and engaging opportunities to create, explore and build knowledge and understanding.

We believe in supporting and developing a partnership with families to share in the nurturing and education of their children. We encourage each family to participate in the SCECS community and support and welcome their interest and involvement.

Current Fees

Morning Session – Permanent $19.00*
Morning Session – Casual $21.00*

Afternoon Session – Permanent $28.50*
Afternoon Session – Casual $30.50*

Other Fees

  • Special Events: Families will be notified
  • Dishonour Fee: If direct debit is declined, families will be notified by SCECS that a family deposit may be debited and bank fees charged.
  • No notification of child’s absence: Daily Rate will be applied

Late Fee For Pick-Ups After Service Closing Time

    • 0-15 minutes late: $50.00
    • Every 5 minutes thereafter: $10.00

*Fees are subject to change, however, you will be notified in writing two weeks prior to any fee changes.

Absent Children Fees

When booking your child into After School Care, it is important to select your days carefully as there are NO REFUNDS. This is due to the Centre organising staff, and ensuring sufficient supervision is in place. If your family feels they have a unique circumstance that should consider a refund or part thereof, you may place your request in writing to staff. Your letter should explain the details of your circumstances and may be mailed or handed to Centre Staff to be addressed at the next meeting. It will be left to the discretion of the Committee, and your family will be notified in writing of their decision.

No Charge for Public Holidays

If a public holiday falls on the day of a permanent booking that you hold, you will NOT be charged for this day.

Pupil Free Day/Staff Development Days & Strike Fee

During any term, there is the possibility of Pupil Free days and/or school closure. The Centre may or may not be open on these days and families will be notified in advance.

Child Care Subsidy

All families are eligible to apply for Child Care Subsidy (CCS). It is income tested and usually paid directly to the childcare services to reduce the fees that eligible families pay. Families can apply for the CCS online or in person through Centrelink. Once you have contacted Centrelink, you will need to provide the centre with your Parent and Child Customer Reference Number (CRN) to claim CCS.

Centrelink Office. Ph: 13 61 50.

When registering with Centrelink please quote the following provider number:

Centre name: SCECS OSHC St Finbar’s Sans Souci
CCS Service ID: 190 050 733S

Fees – Direct Debit

All fees are paid by Direct Debit. Fees are paid fortnightly in advance. Payments will be debited from the family’s nominated account, or as otherwise advised. Strict regulations are followed to ensure that this information is confidential. At the beginning of each term, a notice will be emailed to families, outlining the dates that the Direct Debit will be processed.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover your fortnightly childcare fees. If you have insufficient funds when your Direct Debit is due, please contact the Centre in writing by close of business on the Wednesday of the Direct Debit week. Direct Debit rejections incur a dishonour fee payable by the parent (see current Schedule of Fees above).

SCECS fortnightly Direct Debit payment system is designed to make payments easy.

Download the 2022 SCECS Direct Debit Calendar here

Need to change your payment details?
To update your nominated bank account or credit card details for direct debit payments, please send your updated details to the SCECS Management Team at

Late Payments & Termination of Placement

Parents are encouraged to discuss any difficulties they may have in paying fees with staff, who will discuss the matter with the SCECS Coordinator. Applications for arrangements in the event of financial hardship should be made to SCECS in writing. If no previous arrangements have been made regarding late payment of fees, SCECS is entitled to terminate the child’s placement after giving one week’s written notice.

In the event that fees are late due to direct debits being declined because of insufficient funds, SCECS will send one reminder email. At the end of two weeks, the child’s placement will be ended and the family’s deposit debited.
In the event of reminder letters being issued more than twice in any 2 month period, SCECS reserves the right to terminate a placement without further reminders.

Invoice / Statements

After School invoice/statements are emailed fortnightly


    Click here for answers to your questions about your online booking, enrolment & My Family Lounge.

    It is important to notify the staff if your child will be absent. If the child will be absent from the centre for an extended period of time e.g. more than a week, notification is required in advance and in writing. You can leave a voicemail or text during the day if you are unable to contact the staff during Centre hours. Staff must be notified before 9:30 am on the day that your child is booked in.

    It’s FREE to register and then you have peace of mind.

    SCECS uses Qikkids Child Care Management System.  As the enrolment process can take time, it is highly recommended that all families register.  In cases of emergencies where you require care, your child will be registered are ready to attend.  If your child is not pre-registered and enrolment has not been confirmed, you will not be able to use the service.

    Yes, casual bookings can be made via the ‘My Family Lounge‘ app up to 5:00pm the working day prior. If the need is last minute, families can email, text or phone the Service Coordinator who will be able to confirm the booking, as long as we are able to operate within the legislated staffing ratios we have for that day.

    Yes, each service is licensed to operate a certain number of places per session. SCECS is capped based on that license.

    Yes, if there is sufficient demand from families. SCECS will survey the parent community each term, to determine how many families require vacation care for the next holiday period.

    Every child is unique and our Educators make it their priority to know each child well and cater for their needs and interests. Please contact our Head Office Support Team prior to enrolling your child so that we can ensure all plans are in place ensure a smooth transition.


    The hours of operations and fees can be found on your school’s OSHC home page.  Please follow this link to find your service for up to date information.

    If you require further assistance, please contact our Head Office Support on 02 9568 8628 or


    Yes, SCECS is an approved Australian child care provider. CCS is paid directly to SCECS to be passed on to eligible families as a fee reduction. Families make a co-contribution to their child care fees and pay to the SCECS the difference between the fee charged and the subsidy amount (also called the out of pocket fee).


    An example of the daily routine can be found here:

    We will be working with the children and families to develop a new and exciting program to ensure that we capture their specific interests and make their time at SCECS lots of fun.

    Yes, we understand that time at home is precious and to support our families, we set up a well-resourced space and allow time in our afternoon routine for homework. We work together in partnership with the parents and to support your child’s homework needs.

    The programs our qualified educators provide are specifically designed with each child and service in mind – you won’t find the same program at each service.  A new program is revised each vacation period, keeping it new and exciting. We offer a variety of activities including games, drama, physical activity & sport, cooking, art & craft, STEAM activities, gardening, bowling, bike riding/scootering, movie days, picnics, just to name a few.


    At SCECS, safety of our children, staff and families is our number one concern.  The Educator to Child ratio of 1:15 for OSHC services applies in NSW.  This ratio means that for every 15 children in an OSHC service, there needs to be 1 Educator available. For example, for 30 children, 2 Educators working directly with the children.

    Our staff will be supervising at all times to ensure the safety of all. Risk assessments will be completed to ensure that any risks have been mitigated.

    Our Statement of Committment to Child Safety:

    SCECS is a Child Safe Organisation dedicated to the Protection of every child in our care. SCECS aims to create environments where children’s safety and wellbeing is the centre of thought, values and actions. This framework is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the rights of Children and aims to ensure that every child’s safety and wellbeing is maintained.  View our SCECS Child Safe Organisation Framework.

SCECS OSHC St Finbar’s Sans Souci Staff

Stephanie Dos Santos, Coordinator
Jonathon Lynch, Educator