We believe that we are founded on the person of Jesus Christ and enlivened by the gospel.

We believe that each child, family and educator is unique and valued individually. We value and honour diversity and accept and celebrate differences in other people. We believe each person and their family’s values, culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged and accepted and reflected in our environments.

We believe that secure, respectful and nurturing relationships are foundational to a child’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our educators provide opportunities for children to develop a strong sense of identity and social competence, where qualities of fairness, humour, empathy and understanding are developed.

We believe play is essential in children’s lives. We believe play values the ideal of allowing children to “just be” as a right of all children. We believe play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging. Indoor and outdoor play will be part of the daily rhythm of the OSHC and Early Childhood programs.

We believe children are capable, resourceful and valued members of the community. We believe children should be encouraged and supported to follow their learning interests. Activities during service hours will be matched to children’s interests, providing meaningful and engaging opportunities to create, explore and build knowledge and understanding.

We believe in supporting and developing a partnership with families to share in the nurturing and education of their children. We encourage each family to participate in the SCECS community and support and welcome their interests and involvement.