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*Please note: this application does not work on any smartphone/tablet device.  We recommend you complete the enrolment process on a desktop.

*Can’t finish the enrolment in one session? Remember to Click ‘Save & Close’, to save your entered data, so you can come back and complete the enrolment form at a more convenient time.

Step 1

To enrol, visit ‘My Family Lounge‘ and select ‘Register’

Step 2

Login details will be emailed to your nominated email address (check your spam).
Follow the link within the email to log into your ‘My Family Lounge’ account.

Step 3

Complete your child’s enrolment form online – don’t forget to click on ‘Submit‘.

Step 4

To make a permanent booking select ‘Booking Request’.

For permanent bookings: We will email you an ‘offer’, once your ‘booking request’ is confirmed.  Simply accept the offer to confirm your spot.

For casual bookings: Once you have submitted your enrolment online, the next contact you need to make is when you require a casual booking. You can book in your casual days via the ‘My Family Lounge’ App or text or call the service mobile and wait for confirmation to confirm your booking has been received.

Step 5

To download the App go to Google Play or App Store.

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Please view our Frequently Asked Questions for help with My Family Lounge


You can contact Head Office on 9568 8628 or visit website for a helpful guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you use a computer to make a booking rather than a phone or other mobile device.

Go to the SCECS website

  • Click on Our Services,

select School Age and then

select your service i.e. SCECS OSHC Mosman.

Select Booking Request/Enrol Now

  • On that first page there is information providing step by step instructions.
  • Once you have familiarised yourself with these steps:
  • Click on to the link for My Family Lounge

register to create an account

This registration will generate an email and be sent to your email address

  • Follow instructions on the email.
  • You will be asked to create a password (please save for future use). You can now login.
  • Once the above steps have been completed you can now complete Enrolment Form.
  • This form is completed online by logging into My Family Lounge, QK Enrol. This step needs to be completed for each child.
  • Please ensure Direct Debit Details are included as part of the enrolment process.

Permanent bookings can be made:

  1. log into My Family Lounge
  2. select QK Enrol
  3. select Booking Request
  4. complete the details of your booking including days required and the start date
  5. You will receive an ‘offer’ from SCECS via email
  6. Follow the link in the email to Accept or Decline this offer

Casual bookings can be made 3 ways:

  1. by using the My Family Lounge app on your mobile device
  2. by texting the Coordinator on the service mobile/or sending an email to the service email address.

Yes, simply select ‘save and close’ on the left hand side of the screen.

All the mandatory fields of the enrolment form are marked with a red asterix. If any of these are incomplete you will not be able to submit the form. There will be a red banner message at the top of the page giving you instructions on the field/s that are incomplete in addition to the written text of these fields appearing in red on the form to guide you.

Common Errors

  • All phones numbers must be 10 digits.
  • There must be at least ONE number in the mobile phone field, if for example an emergency contact only has a landline please add this number to the mobile number field, including the area code.
  • Be sure to select a Cultural Background other than ‘Not Stated’
  • Be sure to select a ‘Primary Language’ & ‘Secondary Language’.
  • Ensure all permissions/questions are answered by ticking the checkbox.

No you can manage this yourself. On the log in screen simply enter your email address and press ‘Forgotten Password’. You will receive an email prompting you to create a new password.

Yes, if you are registering a new account you have 7 days to complete the registration process. If you are resetting your password you have 1 day.

If you are returning to my family lounge, click on QK Enrol on the top right hand side of the screen to complete the enrolment form or make a booking.

This occurs if your details are stored with Qikkids form a prior child care service. On the log in screen simply enter your email address and press ‘Forgotten Password’. You will receive an email prompting you to create a new password.

You will need to clear your computer History and Cache and then you can log into QK Enrol through the Widget on the SCECS website Please see the guide below for more information on clearing your history and Cache:  How to Clear My Cache

Yes, you manage your own account by logging into My Family Lounge and pressing ‘Change’ for your Name, Email, Email Settings and Password.

Casual bookings via the My Family Lounge app can be made up to 9 weeks in advance and up to 22 hours prior to the session. For urgent requests within this time please text the service mobile and the Coordinator with confirm your booking.

You have two options:

  1. Create a new booking request. The team will send you a new offer to accept.
  2. Contact SCECS on 02 9568 8628 and we will extend the current offer for you to confirm.

The phone app can be used for making casual bookings or advising that your child will be absent. Only families who have registered with My Family Lounge and completed an Enrolment via QK Enrol can use the app.

We require 2 weeks’ notice if you would like to cancel a booking or drop a day.

Permanent bookings can be cancelled by emailing the service email address, giving two weeks’ notice.

No, agreeing to the conditions at the end of the enrolment form constitutes an electronic signature.

SCECS Central Administration: 9568 8628 or

Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm